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Helping you lead with Outstanding Technology.
Program Connector allows you to import your Daxko programs directly into your website database in real time. With on-site programs, you have a host of benefits.

• Custom Program Styles
• Responsive/Mobile Programs
• On-site Search
• Search Engine Optimization
• Added Functionality (iCal integration and more)

Custom Program Styles

Make Daxko programs look like the rest of your website. You have the ability to show/hide Daxko fields and display them the way you want.

• Customize the fields
• Add stylesheet information
• Show specific Daxko program fields

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.23.16 PM

Responsive/Mobile Programs

When used in conjunction with your mobile/responsive website, you have the ability to display Daxko programs in a mobile view.


On-Site Search

Through our YMCA analytics, we’ve discovered that users favor the search bar when searching for programs, most likely due to their daily experience of using Google, it’s natural.

With Daxko programs on your website, they are easily searchable by your users.

• Customize your search function to display programs
• Prioritize search results
• Create custom search


Search Engine Optimization

Gain superior search engine placement. Program Connector will make a page for each of your Daxko Programs. Each page is fully searchable (indexable) by all search engines.

Your Daxko program names and descriptions are full of keywords. Program Connector will creates hundreds of new search friendly pages for you.

• Keyword-rich content on your site
• Fully automatic page creation in real time


Additional Functionality

Program Connector comes with added functionality and templates to get you started. Allow website users to download iCal calendar events for Daxko program registration and session dates.

• iCal integration
• Program Search integration

iCal integration


Common questions about Program Connector

Is This A Complete Solution?

Once a YMCA/JCC has Daxko API access, there is additional coding that needs to be completed to integrate programs. The Program Connector is a complete solution that includes Daxko API Access + Program Connector Software.

Can We Use Our Website Developer?

Yes! The Program Connector is a easy to use plugin/module that is added to your WordPress or Drupal website. (If you have a different PHP based CMS, contact us.) Once the Connector is added to your site, it’s up to your developer to style the program content and pages.

No worries, we do supply templates they can use to get started.

Why Would We Want This?

If you want to eliminate double entry of content, provide a better user experience and generally make your Daxko system admin, marketing people, and website user’s lives much easier…this is a solution.

How Often Do Daxko Programs Import?

Every ten minutes, the Program Connector searches your Daxko account for new programs.

All Our Programs Are Not In Daxko..Can We Still Get Them On Our Site?

Yes! We realize YMCAs/JCCs have no-fee based programs that are not in Daxko. Programs on your website are a custom post and you can add non-Daxko programs as you like.



Program Connector will save you time, improve your site, and make your users happy. Our simple pricing allows for you to add this service quickly to your site.


• Plugin/module
• Templates for your web developer to use as a starter
• Tech support
• Future updates. We keep the plugin updated and working with Daxko API and/or content management core updates.

Please contact Kevin Nichols, 803.620.1582 ext. 101



803.620.1582 ext. 101